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We are legal specialists with a strong reputation for being agile, nimble, passionate and fierce in our commitment to finding practical legal and commercial solutions for our clients. In practicing adaptive, innovative and cost-effective legal solutions we are able to produce offerings that are bespoke to each business whether it is a start-up, a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), or, a multi-national corporation.

At Legal Circle, we provide local expertise and have a global footprint through our legal network to ensure we support our clients wherever they do business. We pride ourselves on finding the best solutions, efficiently, innovatively and reasonably for our clients.

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At Legal Circle, we provide comprehensive legal support to investors and private clients, with a focus on corporate commercial, taxation, wealth and inheritance, real estate, banking, and finance law. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and a keen eye for detail, allowing us to offer customized solutions that safeguard investments and minimize risks.

With extensive experience across a range of industries, including real estate, healthcare, food and beverage, technology, and energy, we have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients. Whether you’re looking to grow your investment portfolio or need guidance on estate planning, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.


The UAE is a thriving hub for technology startups and SMEs, attracted by the abundance of private funds and government programs available. However, with a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape in the tech, media, and telecom industries, it is essential to have a knowledgeable and reliable law firm by your side.

At Legal Circle, we understand the needs and challenges faced by startups and SMEs in the UAE and have designed our “Legal Circle Membership” to offer cost-effective legal solutions to support their growth and minimize risk. Our goal is to help our clients succeed in this dynamic market.

How do we help Startups!

  1. Incorporation: We assist startups with the process of incorporating their business in the UAE, including guidance on choosing the right type of legal structure and business license that is suitable for their operations. This can include incorporating operational entities and holding companies.
  2. Corporate Structuring: Our lawyers work with startups to set up their corporate structure in the most effective way possible, taking into consideration the founders’ and investors’ rights, as well as any potential liabilities or risks.
  3. Corporate Governance: Good corporate governance is essential for any business to operate effectively and efficiently. We advise startups on the best practices for corporate governance and help them draft appropriate policies and documentation.
  4. Compliance and Risk Advisory: Compliance with laws and regulations is crucial for startups, and we provide guidance on compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, as well as help mitigate any potential risks.
  5. Investor Agreements: When it comes to securing investment, having solid investor agreements in place is essential. We draft bespoke agreements that protect the interests of both the startups and their investors.
  6. Support through growth: As startups grow and expand their operations, we offer ongoing legal support to ensure that their business remains compliant with the relevant laws and regulations and that their interests are protected.
  7. Exit Planning: When it’s time for a startup to exit, we offer guidance on the best exit strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, IPO’s, and other options, to help the startups get the best outcome from their business.

By offering these services, we aim to be a one-stop-shop for startups in the UAE, providing them with the legal support they need to succeed, from incorporation to exit.


Our extensive experience working with Multinationals means that we understand the needs and requirements that Multinationals have in doing business in the UAE and GCC.

We are very aware of the relevant compliance and regulatory requirements and ensure that our advice is tailored to support the GM/CEO or MD who is responsible to make executive decisions on behalf of the company.

Our region- specific knowledge and team of experts with cross jurisdictional experience allows us to be one of the most trusted firms in the UAE and abroad. From set up to acquisitions, expansion or dissolution we have experienced it all.


As a majority female law firm, we are passionate about supporting women in business and providing them with the right legal advice to support them to make informed decisions.

We have worked with women from all cultures, ages and disciplines and understand the needs of women who are often juggling entrepreneurship and family.

In a competitive business market, women who have the support of other women in professional capacities can grow and build exponentially successful businesses.

Legal Circle is committed to being part of that growth and it is one of our goals and mission to become UAE and GCC’s preferred law firm for Women in Business.


Our extensive knowledge and experience in both UAE and international laws enables us to provide accurate and region specific advice that is instrumental in meeting the needs of cross-jurisdictional clients.

We act in many cross-jurisdictional matters on behalf of international firms and lawyers of the highest standard. We support international law firms to understand the local nuances and find solutions for their clients to facilitate their business needs.


We support legal counsel with the corporate secretarial work so that they have more time to focus on the high-level tasks.

We also advice in-house with the most up to date knowledge on the laws locally and regionally so they can make informed legal decisions. Every In-house legal needs the support of a reliable and trusted law firm who can be an extension of their team.

We support with; Licensing Issues, Corporate Set ups; Drafting Corporate Resolutions and Agreements, Attestation and Notarization, Share transfers and much more.



Why Legal Circle?

Team Of Trusted And Experienced Lawyers

We are a team of Internationally qualified and experienced lawyers, from Australia, UK, US and other common law qualified countries with local and international experience, committed to delivering legal excellence.

Legal Solutions With Flexible Pricing Options

Our flexible fee model provides clients much needed budget certainty and cost predictability. We offer several alternative billing models such as competitive hourly rates, capped fees on the basis of stages, or a combination of any of these methods.

UAE’s preferred legal partner for women in business

As an organization we are passionate about supporting the next generation of female entrepreneurs developing businesses. Through our bespoke legal services offered by women for women we provide the knowledge, business acumen and expertise necessary for female entrepreneurs to grow their business whilst still mitigating their risks.


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