People who mistreat Senior Citizens face Imprisonment and Fines

The UAE passed a federal law in 2019 to protect the welfare of older people. The Public prosecutors reminded the people of the country about the UAE’s Senior Citizen Law which protects the rights of older Emiratis. Individuals, whether they are family members or elderly care institutions, who mistreat or neglect the UAE senior citizens will face imprisonment of two years and fines of AED 10,000 to AED 50,000. Additionally, the law also punishes anyone who witnesses abuse but does not report it.

According to Federal Law No 9 of 2019, Emiratis who are 60 years of age or over are entitled to the following rights:

  • the Right to Independence and Privacy
  • the Right to Protection from Violence and Abuse
  • the Right to an enabling environment, housing, education and work
  • the Right to Social care including the provision of elderly community centres and social clubs
  • the Right to medical care including preventive health services, medical insurance, mobile nursing units and supportive medical devices
  • the Right of Confidentiality of Information
  • the Right to preferential treatment concerning government transactions, facilities, social aid and medical services.
  • Full medical, financial and educational care and must be registered in a dedicated database.

The UAE has retirement homes for Emirates Senior Citizens called Elderly care centres which fall under the responsibility of the Ministry of Community Development. Should a family face difficulties in providing care for elderly people, they are required to inform the Ministry of Community Development, care centres, the police and any other relevant departments. The centres provide primary health care, social, psychological and physical therapy for seniors. Caregivers who insult senior citizens can face stiff penalties. The same requirement is necessary should a senior citizen die or change their home address. Registration of an elderly relative in a care home can be done online.

Source: https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/2021/10/26/uae-prosecutors-say-people-who-mistreat-senior-citizens-face-jail-and-fines/


When can a bank close a customer’s account without prior notice?

In accordance with Article (a) of the Consumer Protection Regulations for the UAE Banking Customers on “Account closure by the Licensed Financial Institution”, banks or financial institutions in the UAE need to inform the customer in writing the reasons for the closure at least 60 days in the advance notice before the closure of the bank account, in order to shut down the bank account of the customer.

However, under Article (b) of the Consumer Protection Regulations for UAE Banking Customers, a bank or a financial institution has the right to close the bank account of a customer without serving any prior notice in case the Licensed Financial Institution suspects or find out to the use of the account by the Consumer to carry out illegal transactions or financial/white-collar crimes.

Additionally, Article (c) of the regulation, provides an exception to the banks and financial institutions to act under the UAE’s Financial Crime Compliance requirements for closure of bank accounts.

Legal Tip:

If the customer’s bank account has regular financial transactions and it is closed without a valid reason, the customer may lodge a written complaint with the concerned bank reporting invalid closure of the bank account.

In the event the concerned bank does not respond to the customer complaint within a reasonable time frame, the customer may approach the Consumer Protection Department of the Central Bank of UAE and file a written complaint with supporting evidence and relevant documents.