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Empower Your Startup's Legal Journey

Discover the path to legal mastery with our specialized scale-up program. Designed by legal experts, including Suraya Turk, this program offers tailored guidance on fundraising, co-founder agreements, intellectual property, and more, ensuring your startup’s robust legal foundation.

At Legal Circle, we stand out for several reasons:

  • Weekly interactive workshops.
  • Dedicated Consultation Time per week.
  • Real Case Studies.
  • Comprehensive Legal Toolkit
  • Expert-Led Q&A Sessions

Welcome to Legal Circle, your premier destination for comprehensive legal services in the United Arab Emirates. With years of experience and a dedicated team of legal professionals, we are here to address all your legal needs.

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At Legal Circle, we stand out for several reasons:

  • We provide quality bespoke and tailored legal solutions.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Specialist in fundraising in the MENA region.
  • Specialist in company formations and structuring.
  • We ensure our clients achieve their business objectives hassle free.

Areas Covered

Areas Covered

Weekly Online Workshops: Each Tuesday, from 6 to 8 PM Dubai time, participate in a two-hour interactive online workshop. These sessions, led by industry experts, cover crucial legal topics for startups.

One-on-One Consultation: Every participant receives a one-hour personal consultation weekly. This time is dedicated to addressing individual legal questions and providing tailored advice for your startup.

Comprehensive Resources: Alongside these sessions, you’ll be equipped with a variety of tools, including:

Checklists: To help you keep track of key legal steps and considerations.

Practical Exercises: For applying learned concepts to real-world scenarios.

Case Studies: Offering insights into successful legal strategies and solutions.

This program is designed to offer a blend of structured learning and personalized support, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of legal aspects crucial for startup success.

Program Overview


Fundraising Instruments: Understand basics of SAFE notes, convertible notes, and other instruments. Learn their structures, benefits, and how they impact startup funding and equity.

IP Protection

Explore strategies to protect your startup's innovations. Cover patent laws, trademarks, copyrights, and leveraging IP for business growth and competitive advantage.

Cofounder AGreements

Learn to draft clear co-founder agreements. Address roles, equity distribution, conflict resolution, and exit strategies to prevent future disputes and ensure smooth operations.

Corporate Structuring

Gain insights on selecting optimal business structures for compliance, scalability, and tax efficiency. Understand legal implications of various entity types for startups.


Master the art of creating effective ESOPs. Learn to use them as tools for talent attraction and retention, aligning employee goals with business growth.

Advisor Agreements

Discover how to legally engage advisors. Focus on agreement specifics, setting clear terms, roles, and protecting your startup's interests in these relationships.

Regulatory Landscapes

Understand and comply with legal regulations in different regions. Focus on MENA-specific laws and how they impact your startup’s operations and growth.


“Let’s hear what our clients has to say”

"Ignore the 5 stars, this is a 10-star team! If you are looking to for advise & a team to set up your business, open bank account (both of which can be challenge) and have an awesome legal team, than Legal Circle is one of the best out there. They literally took over all the head of liaisons and only made us do work that was required from us. A very humble, polite, cooperative & hardworking team with the right knowledge and connections put together by Suraya Turk. Thank you for taking up this headache for us and letting us focus on our fundraising & Ops for the startup. If you are a startup or a new businesses, give these guys a shot, i promise you will thank me later. Superstars!"
Daniyal Baig
"Having personally worked with Legal Circle, I can confidently say they are an exceptional corporate and commercial law firm in the UAE. With their profound understanding of the regulatory landscape, Legal Circle's team is equipped to support startups through every stage of their journey, from initial incubation to successful fundraising. Their practical and innovative legal solutions, combined with their genuine care for startups, make them a trusted partner. They empowers UAE entrepreneurs with tailored legal support. I wholeheartedly recommend Legal Circle to any entrepreneur in need of reliable and personalised legal assistance in the UAE."
Vibin Varghese
"We have been working with Legal Circle since 2020 when we first launched Secret Skin in UAE. Suraya Turk has personally and instrumentally helped us get better at legal efficiencies over time to ensure best practices in our early years. Her counsel on structuring agreements and negotiations helped us greatly in our fundraising journey. ST also goes beyond the call of duty when needed and her team is a good compliment to her efforts especially in tough situations. As first-time founder and CEO I have always benefited from her counsel and recommend LC highly for new startups. She's also the most collaborative and empathetic legal professional you can get as advisor!"
Anisha Oberoi

Don't let legal challenges hold your startup back. Contact Legal Circle today to discuss our Legal Scaleup program today


Don't let legal challenges hold your startup back. Contact Legal Circle today to discuss your unique legal needs and propel your business toward success.



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