Corporate Law

At Legal Circle, strategy and problem solving is embedded into our corporate law advisory.

Every Company is unique in the way they operate and the goals they are trying to achieve. It is imperative that businesses in the UAE are set up so they can operate efficiently. Our lawyers have extensive experience across various industries and jurisdictions and they listen, understand and then apply the corporate law to find the best fit for Our Client.

We partner with our Clients and become involved in the high-level decision making that is required to guide a company from incorporation to exit. We have extensive experience in setting up Limited Liability Companies, Holding Companies, SPV’s, Limited Liability Partnerships, Sole Establishements and more with insight on the appropriate shareholding structure to ensure that the rights of both founders and investors are protected at all times.

We pride ourselves on drafting meticulous and bespoke incorporation documents, shareholder, founder, management and investor agreements and protocols, policies and documentation that enable companies to fulfill their business needs.

We have established relationships with all free-zone authorities across the UAE which enables us to support our clients no matter where they set up.
Our service list includes but are not limited to:

- Company Incorporation
- Corporate Structuring
- Corporate Governance
- Compliance and Risk Advisory
- JV Arrangements
- Stock Sales, Purchase and Transfers
- Sponsorship Arrangements
- Investor Agreements
- Corporate Litigation

- Do I need to set up in the mainland in order to operate in the UAE?
- What license do I need to set up for my activities?
- Is my corporate structure suitable for my business operations?
- Am I able to opt into jurisdictions other than the mainland in order to cover litigations in the UAE?
- Are holding companies permissible in the UAE?