Employment Law

Knowing what your employee and employer rights and entitlements are can help mitigate risks against disputes.

One of the greatest challenges of companies is finding the right staff and growing a team. With this comes the responsibility of understanding the employer-employee rights and obligations. Whilst every company and employee wishes to avoid conflicts, without proper legal guidance of the UAE employment laws, disputes may become more likely.

We believe that prevention is better than cure and having a well drafted employment contract with comprehensive terms and considerations, a dispute can be avoided. Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting employment contracts, advising on various claims including arbitrary dismissals, end of service leave calculations and non-compete clauses. We have a deep understanding of the employment laws and regularly keep up to date with the changing market conditions and regulations. In the event of a claim, we support our clients through litigation process in various jurisdictions across the UAE.

Our services include but are not limited to:

- Advisory, negotiation support and documentation related to employment contracts
- Advisory and documentation regarding NDA’s
- Advisory and support regarding dismissals, renumeration, end of service leave, gratuity payments, compensation and structuring
- Advisory regarding reporting obligations
- Advisory regarding non-compete and non-circumvention
- Advisory on dual employment contracts