Private Equity

Approach investors and startups armed with the necessary legal information and confidence.

With the boom of innovation and large ticket acquisitions in the region, we realize that investors are keenly interested to get involved from an early stage. We have an extensive history of working closely with investment firms in the investment and acquisition of high growth startups. Our lawyers are well versed in the financial structures and products available specific to our clients in the capital and banking markets.

In conjunction with our Corporate and Commercial advisory, our lawyers are able to provide a well-rounded analysis to our clients regarding all financing requirements. We are well connected in the region with known names and are able to guide our clients, whether they are founders or investors, through the support and documentation they need in every transaction.

Our wide ranges of services cover:

- Preparation and review of loan arrangements
- Advisory, support and documentation related to venture financing arrangements
- Advisory and support related to SAFE notes, KISS Notes, Convertible Notes, Cap Tables and more