Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law

Technology has become the driving force and is applied in almost every industry today.

With new technological advancements in every industry, there are legal implications and considerations that need to be made. We work with clients that are always exploring and challenging the norms and we support them to be legally protected at every step of the way. We have advised on IP and trademark protection, software licensing, data protection, data privacy and legal compliance. We constantly strive to provide our clients with up-to-date and relevant laws so they comply with the new regulations that are continuously being drafted or amended.

Our clientele includes individuals and companies across technology, media and telecommunication operating across all spaces including eCommerce, AdTech, HealthTech, FoodTech, FinTech and more.

We also advise on media and telecommunication concerns and assist our clients in a broad range of services across this practice area including:

- Advisory, support and documentation on licensing, outsourcing and due diligence
- Advisory, support and documentation on Intellectual Property protection and enforcement
- Advisory on Data Privacy
- Advisory and support on Dispute Resolution
- Advisory on purchase and sale contracts
- Advisory on vendor agreements
- Advisor on compliance with media regulations
- Advisory on distribution agreements, social media compliance, content restrictions and broadcasting regulations